7 Reasons Why You Need a Website in 2020 and Beyond

September 11, 2020

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website in 2020 and Beyond.

Using the internet for the vast majority of people has become second nature to most of us in 2020. Just look at the statistics. The human population of the earth is 7.8 billion with over 4.5 billion active users of the internet. There is no other medium that has such a huge potential audience.

With the advent of COVID-19, having a website presence is not longer a luxury, but a necessity for any business. Going on the internet to check out a service or product is something we all do.

The  major reasons you need a website are:

Constant 24/7 Accessibility

A website gives you the ability to both service and support your customers at all hours from anywhere on any device. On the service end of things, this offers you the ability to sell your product or service. On the support side, this can be a cost effective way of offering instant answers and self resolution to a variety of issues and situations.

Build Authority and Trust

If having a website tells the world that you are serious about your business, what does not having a website say? Quite the opposite and more, it says you're either hiding something (trust) or you just aren't serious enough to put in the effort (authority).  While a social media presence is essential for marketing purposes, a website is the main hub of your online identity. Trivializing the importance of a website will simply drive customers to your competitors leaving a void in potential revenues.

Simply Sell More

Selling whatever your business offers is essential to its' survival. Allowing customers to purchase whatever it is you offer from the comfort of their homes will drive revenues. Just looking a the growth pattern of e-commerce in general shows a steady increase in online sales. According to Shopify in 2015 only 7.4 of all global retail sales were from e-commerce. However in 2020 e-commerce sales are now at 16.1%, doubled in just 5 years. If this trajectory continues, e-commerce sales will account for over 30% of all sales in 2025. At some point, ignoring this market will be detrimental to any business that sells anything.https://www.shopify.ca/enterprise/the-future-of-ecommerce

Puts You on an Equal Footing With Much Larger Businesses

Unlike walking onto a storefront, having a website that looks professional could be operated from a company of one or two or thousands, there's no way to really tell. This allows you to instantly compete head on with all competitors big and small.

A Medium Within a Medium - Unlimited Marketing Potential

Having the ability to show off your skills, products, services or whatever you are selling, a website provides unlimited marketing potential. You can use images, videos, stories, educational tutorials and many other ways to demonstrate your value. Show the world how it stands out from competitors and offers something no one else has.

Allows for Instant and Honest Feedback

Providing anonymous feedback from customers can be extremely valuable in improving your services.  By providing online surveys and reviews, people will be more honest in their experiences with your products or services than they would be face to face.

COVID-19 is a Catalyst

Like many major events, good or bad in perception, COVID-19 is a catalyst. Jettisoning us into the future faster than could perviously been imagined. Technical advances are moving faster than ever in remotely running our lives. Websites play a major role as portals to almost everything on the internet. I plan to write a future article on COVID-19's impact on our society and what we can expect in the next few years as we move through this extraordinary time in history.

In summary, if you don't have a website now, you need to get one now. If you have a website that is either dated or not looking very professional, you need to up your game here.   At Grand Solutions Consulting, we can help you! Click here to get in contact with us immediately and we'll put you on the internet map, leading you towards a bright future for your business.

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