911 Appliance Repair Services - New Website & Ongoing SEO Campaign

911 Appliance Repair Services - full website rewrite & ongoing SEO campaign
January 2021
The appliance repair business is very competitive. In big cities it is especially difficult to stand out online amongst thousands of similar businesses.

911 Appliance Repair Services is located in the Greater Toronto Area and has serviced customers for over 8 years. Known for their very quick and affordable service they are growing very fast and out grew their old website. Requiring a more modern and clean look that works well on all devices and form factors, we took this project on in late 2020.

In January of 2021, we delivered a brand new website for 911 Appliance Repair Services. Our main goals were accomplished as the website was well received by customers and now this business is seeing growth like never before. All the pieces are in place now for a website we can market and rise the ranks in search engines as we continue our on going SEO marketing campaign.
Sample website page from 911 Appliance Repair Services, detailing the different types of appliances.A sample website page from 911 Appliance Repair Services detailing the blog pages.A sample page from the 911 Appliance Repair Services website showing fridge repair.
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