HSDR.ORG - New Website

hsdr.org - Complete website overhaul and rewrite. Initial SEO campaign, full analytics setup on Google.
March 2021
It had been 8 years since the Humane Society of Durham Region had a major website update. In that time much has changed about how websites both written and consumed. As an example, today over 60% of websites are access from a mobile phone. Several years ago, this wasn't much of a consideration as most web surfing took place on a computer.

Text, colour, images and style also change over time and if not updated it can make a website look dull. All of this was updated in the complete rewrite of the hsdr.org website.

Added to the website was standard tracking for both Google Analytics and Microsoft Clarity. Collecting core website statistics not only helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but also website analysis. After reviewing what parts of the website get activity it's easier to determine what to emphasize. Just doing this has resulted in a huge increase in traffic.

The HSDR team was a pleasure to work with. They brought to the table a clear vision and excellent feedback which help immensely bring this project to success.
HSDR website sample page showing adoption process.Sample image from HSDR website showing Adopt a Pet section.Sample website page from HSDR website showing donation allocations.
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