Vagabond Wellness - New Website

Vagabond Wellness - new website & initial SEO campaign
September 2020
Vagabond Wellness is a new business that focuses on Yoga and Wellness personalized coaching. Like all new businesses, a website is essential to success. The website depicts warm soothing colours fitting for a wellness website. Beautiful pictures and images many from the owner Stef Wood are displayed throughout.

Vagabond Wellness also wanted a way to connect and communicate with the yoga and wellness community. An excellent way to accomplishing this is to have a blog. We provided a very easy way for the Vagabond administrators to add in blog entries with pictures and text and custom formatting. It's as easy as creating a Word document and requires no extra cost or hassle to get as many blog entires on the website as they wish.
Main blog page of Vagabond Wellness website.About Us page of the Vagabond Wellness website.About Us page of the Vagabond Wellness website.
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